Ebony !

Ebony Magazine is the premier publication for African American men and women covering contemporary topics from black history to sports & entertainment with regular articles on health, fashion, politics & social awareness.


12 Magizines Issues per year.

Its timely articles and smart photography explore education, history and entertainment, the arts, health, sports and social events. Now Available for Delivery World Wide ebonymagazine. Issues, personalities, and interests in a positive light. National corporations featured black models driving cars and drinking soft drinks in ads used for issues of Ebony book store, which was the first magazine to feature such advertisements. The issue is devoted to an in depth treatment of one aspect of current ebonymagazines life in Black America magazine such as civil rights, youth and segregation. This is what I aspire to be and such people provide a role model which I seek to emulate. It has great articles of interest that cover a diverse area of subjects, both past and present and it covers fashion, both affordable and not so affordable. Alot of issues that our community faces today; goes one on one with the hottest black celebrities and community leaders which brings you tips on career, relationships, health, parenting magizine.

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