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Your favorite news and lifestyle magazines are here. Genre, Advocate, Instinct, Check out our "backroom" for our wide selection of erotic and adult magazines. Unzipped Magazine Unzipped Monthly is the newsmagazine of gay adult entertainment. Each monthly issue of Unzipped Monthly provides a stimulating mix of nude layouts, party shots, interviews with porn stars, reviews of gay Web sites, videos, and much Gaymagazines more. Unzipped Monthly is the quintessential guide for the consumer of gay erotica. By use of this site you agree to all Terms of Use, if you do not agree you must leave immediately. No matter what you think about gay/not gay, how would you feel that you were pictured during a public sportmatch and find yourself heavy manipulated back in one of those filthy magazines between guys involved in things like "fistfucking" and "rimming party". You say that people who do not consider this normal have no right to think so. Well I mag do think so. But we never burned witches in our villages. Burning witches was a christian activity. I have never read a porn mag in my entire life! Exept ones, when I was told I was in there as sales. Just going in such a "bookshop" and ask for that magazine was a complete new experiment to me. I�m not used to this kind of things. In my village we lack te possibilities to hang around with pimps or travestites. What we had and have was TRADITIONAL. For centuries the place where the STRONGEST men compete. I consider myself to be lucky that we do not have a "bookshop" in our village where that magazine is sold.

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